Today, almost 180,000 students in Los Angeles attend schools that are failing to provide them with a quality education. The vast majority of these students are low income students and students of color.

There is an expanding supply of high-quality schools that are helping low-income students succeed. But there are significant barriers preventing many low-income families from equitably accessing these schools, leaving hundreds of thousands of students stranded.

Parent Revolution’s Choice4LA campaign is dedicated to solving this problem. Choice4LA provides the Los Angeles families who are most in need with the information, tools, and support they need to overcome these barriers and achieve access to the quality schools their children need and deserve.

We work with families to...

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Help Families Evaluate School Quality

Choice4LA works with community partners to provide accurate and easily comparable information about all of the school options available to families in Los Angeles.

Help Families to Understand Their Options

Choice4LA organizers listen to the needs of families, provide them with information about each option that may be a good fit, and help them develop a prioritized list of potential schools.

Support Families Through the Entire Application Process

Choice4LA organizers work consistently with families on an on-going basis to help them successfully complete applications for their priority schools. Organizers help families apply, remind them of key deadlines, and answer all questions along the way.