Despite some gains in their API score, in 2011 only 45% of Haddon Avenue students were leaving the school able to read on grade level. Children did not feel safe, motivated, or inspired at school. Parents recognized the need for substantial and rapid improvements in both the academic performance and culture of their school, so they formed the United Parents of Haddon (UPH), recognizing that parents are stronger when they organize and work together. 


Prior to initiating a campaign under the CA Parent Empowerment Act, UPH tried diligently to work collaboratively with the school and the district to bring about real reforms, but were repeatedly met with resistance. UPH turned to the Parent Trigger as a tool to provide leverage for the parents to initiate change, with the goal being to push the district to make meaningful change at the school. After initiating their campaign and obtaining a critical mass of support from the parents and community, the parents began to see progress within the school and district toward reform. This led UPH to officially vote to “pause” their Parent Trigger campaign and await the results of a new teacher-led reform effort.


Parents of the United Parents of Haddon (UPH) ended their successful petition campaign to transform their school after the teachers’ formally adopted a Local Initiative Schools (LIS) plan to transform the school. LIS offers teachers the opportunity to have more control over their school, and allows them to better meet the needs of their students. The shift to the LIS model will help the school focus on improving educational outcomes for the Haddon students who need it the most. To that end, the parents are ready and willing to continue collaboration with school officials and teachers to help make this reform a success.

Statistics (2011-2012)
Grades: K-5
Enrollment: 888
2012 Base API: 789

  • 97% Hispanic
  • .2% African American
  • 86% Low-Income

Proficiency Rates

  • 54% NOT at grade level ELA
  • 37% NOT at grade level in Math