Please sign the Pledge to Improve our Education System

Far too often, our public education system fails our kids – particularly for low-income students of color.  No parents should have to accept this for their children.

Institutions that shape our educational system have failed to adapt the system to meet the important needs of our community’s children.  One way to change the status quo in public education is to empower parents - and give them a direct voice in transforming low-performing schools.  This means not just participating in bake sales, but helping to devise solutions that improve the educational needs of their kids.

Parents deserve a seat at the table as powerful stakeholders.  Their sole motivation is what is best for their children, and they can play a vital role in fixing our broken system.  Informed and engaged parents are an essential component of every successful school.  Research demonstrates that empowering parents raises student achievement, improves school and community reputations, and holds school staff accountable.

I support parent empowerment laws because they remove obstacles preventing parents from having a real voice in the direction of their kids’ schools.  They also permit parents to decide what paths they want to take to transform failing schools in the best interest of the children.

By entering my information below, I pledge to publicly support parent empowerment legislation and policies.  We commit to assisting in the movement to empower parents at our failing schools and will encourage others to support this undertaking. 

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