Lennox Middle is the only middle school for the Lennox School District. Although there were some bright spots at the school, the school was not nearly where it needed to be. Only 33% of 8th graders were proficient in algebra, the school was in its sixth year of Program Improvement, and the school lacked a college going culture of high expectations for all students. Parents recognized that in order to improve, a change was needed that would build on current strengths and address persisting weaknesses.


Parents called Parent Revolution in fall of 2011 to request help at their school, and quickly formed their own organization, the Lennox Middle School Parents Union. The parents met regularly, sharing information about needs for their children’s school. Lennox parents also convened multiple stakeholder meetings with teachers and key district leaders to discuss ways to improve the school for their kids.  While these conversations solidified strong, working relationships between the parents and key educators, the process was unable to identify a realistic way forward. LMS Parents Union expressed to the Superintendent a desire to dive deeper into what was and wasn't working in order to bring about meaningful change.


Parent leaders at Lennox Middle were able to successfully initiate kids first in-district reforms without ever gathering a single Parent Trigger petition. In October, the Lennox School District Board of Education approved the request to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment process, which was completed in December 2012.  As a result of the needs assessment process, the district – under the leadership of the Lennox School District superintendent and the new Lennox Middle School principal – has implemented a promising turnaround plan that fully empowers parents and has galvanized support from broad spectrums of the community. The plan includes more elective classes for English Language Learners, a new principal for the restructured school, more freedom for teachers to teach creatively, and a strong college-going culture for all students.  Parents continue to support the Superintendent and school leadership, and work in full partnership with community educators to continually improve opportunities and outcomes for all children.

Statistics (2011-2012)
Grades: 6-8
Enrollment: 1681
2012 Base API: 760

  • 97% Hispanic
  • 1% African American
  • 88% Low-Income

Proficiency Rates

  • 52% NOT at grade level ELA
  • 50% NOT at grade level in Math