Parent Revolution launched in 2009, emerging from the experiences and frustrations of parents across Los Angeles with the inadequate educational opportunities available to their children. Despite their best efforts, many families found that they did not have a genuine seat at the table when it came to decisions affecting their children’s education. In response to this insight, Parent Revolution helped to develop the concept of the Parent Empowerment Act and, working with bipartisan support, helped California to create the first-ever Parent Empowerment law in 2010. Parent Revolution has been the leading organization helping families to implement the Parent Empowerment Act to transform their schools, through a variety of school transformation models. Click here to read a case study of families using the Parent Empowerment law to transform their low-performing school.

Over the past five years, Parent Revolution has helped families at dozens of low performing schools in Southern California to come together and advocate for their children. In addition to supporting parents with efforts to improve their own children’s schools, Parent Revolution has supported the continued development of these parent leaders so that they can work together across schools and neighborhoods to influence education policies and practices within Los Angeles and throughout California. Parent Revolution has helped parents to work with school board members, district officials, state legislators and other key public officials on important issues such as school funding, support for English Language Learners, and special education, amongst others. Additionally, as interest in replicating Parent Revolution’s work has grown around the country, Parent Revolution has partnered with other grassroots parent empowerment organizations across the country and become a leading voice advocating for parent power as a vital piece of the education landscape.