Yesterday, members of Weigand Parents United - the community organization of parents at Weigand Avenue Elementary School - announced a vote scheduled for today to endorse a 'Public School Choice' plan proposed by the Los Angeles Unified School District to turn around their failing school.

For more, check out the official press statement below.


LOS ANGELES – Wednesday, May 22, 2013 – Members of the Weigand Avenue Elementary Parent Union announced today they will vote tomorrow (Thursday, May 23) to formally endorse a 'Public School Choice' (PSC) plan proposed by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to turn around their failing school. The announcement comes one week after the LAUSD Board voted in favor of the first ever 100 % in-district transformation option provided in California’s Parent Trigger law.

Parents deliberately chose this option as they work toward new leadership for the failing school. At the same time, this option means no teachers at the school will be transferred or replaced. Additionally, there will be no charter operator selected for the school.

Over the past three years, under the leadership of the current principal who will now be replaced, the school’s API scores have decreased from 717 to 689. Currently, more than half of the students in the school are unable to read or do math at grade level.

“The lead Weigand Parent Trigger petitioners participated in a parent meeting with the district this afternoon and communicated the importance of all parents working together and collaborating with the district,” said Llury Garcia, lead parent organizer for the Weigand Parent Union.

“The parents will vote Thursday afternoon to endorse the district’s PSC plan for our school. We have spent several months carefully reviewing and considering this PSC plan. After the vote, we will continue our outreach to any parents who did not sign the Parent Trigger petition. We know how important it is for all of us to begin working closely with the district on these much-needed school improvements and implementing the plan. Weigand Elementary parents want the best possible education for their child. All of us will be focusing on making Weigand Elementary one of the top-achieving schools in Los Angeles.”

“And we will also continue to reach out to the teachers at our school. It is our hope, as they see the commitment of each and every Weigand Avenue Elementary parent to make it a great school, they will understand how essential they are, as well, to transforming our school,” Garcia said.


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