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Los Angeles, Calif. – Wednesday, March 6, 2013 – The Georgia House of Representatives yesterday made history by passing a Parent Trigger bill. The bill – HB 123, the Parent & Teacher Empowerment Act – now goes to the Georgia Senate for its consideration.

HB 123 passed with bipartisan support, 97 to 74.

“For parents across the state of Georgia, yesterday’s historic vote takes them one step closer to having real power over the educational destiny of their children. With this bipartisan vote, Representatives in the General Assembly have shown their commitment to a world-class education for all the children of Georgia. It was an historic vote, and it was a courageous vote,” said Ben Austin, executive director of Parent Revolution.

“We particularly want to thank Rep. Edward Lindsey (R), the author of the bill, Rep. Mike Glanton (D) and Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (D) who were co-sponsors, and Rep. Valencia Stovall (D) who spoke so passionately on the House floor in support of HB 123 before the final vote to approve. Their across-the-aisle leadership around this legislation sets an example for other legislators around the country, and shows what can be achieved when legislators place the interests of parents and children above the interests of party and partisan advantage.”

“Our hope now is that the Georgia Senate will follow the example of their House colleagues and, in a similar bipartisan way, move quickly to show their commitment to the parents and children of Georgia. We agree with Rep. Stovall that this may not go far enough and that there is a need for some technical amendments to the bill, but it is an important first step towards true parent empowerment in Georgia,” Austin said.


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