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Los Angeles, Calif. – Tuesday, March 6, 2013 – The Oklahoma state Senate today approved landmark legislation empowering Oklahoma parents to be fully involved with decision-making around their child’s education.

SB 1001 – the ‘Parent Empowerment Act’ was passed with bipartisan support. The final Senate vote to approve SB 1001 was 30 to 12. The bill now goes to the Oklahoma House of Representatives for its consideration and approval.

“Today, the Oklahoma Senate affirmed its confidence in the wisdom of motivated parents. This is only the first step, but a very important one, in giving parents in underperforming schools a new tool to affect change,” said Sen. David Holt, one of the co-authors of the bill.

Sen. Jabar Shumate, the other co-author of the bill, said, “I proudly stand in support of parent empowerment with the National Conference of Black Mayors, who unanimously endorsed parent empowerment laws like SB 1001, as well as with local leaders and community groups here in Tulsa like World Won for Christ Family Life Ministries and other Tulsa faith leaders. Today is a proud day of progress and opportunity for concerned parents with children in Oklahoma’s failing schools.”

Commenting on today’s vote, Ben Austin, executive director for Parent Revolution, said, “Thanks to the strong leadership of Sen. David Holt (R-OK City), Sen. Jabar Shumate (D-Tulsa), and Sen. John Ford (R-Bartlesville), parents across Oklahoma are today one step closer to having real power over the educational destiny of their children. With this bipartisan vote, Senators have shown their commitment to a world-class education for all the children of Oklahoma. It was an historic vote, and it was a courageous vote.”

“What is exciting is today’s vote in the Oklahoma Senate comes just hours after their legislative colleagues in the Georgia House of Representatives passed a similar ‘Parent Empowerment’ bill for Georgia parents. The Georgia bill also passed with bipartisan support. These two votes in two different legislatures clearly show empowering parents transcends partisan politics. Parent empowerment and Parent Trigger legislation draws support across the political spectrum.”

“With this bill now headed to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, it is our hope legislators in that chamber will follow the example of their Senate colleagues and move quickly to show their bipartisan commitment to the parents and children of Oklahoma,” Austin said.


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