Parent Revolution's Donors

Parent Revolution is a non-profit organization which depends on philanthropy to support our work. We are honored by the strong support we receive from diverse funders throughout the country. In addition to supporting Parent Revolution's work, our funders also provide essential resources to school districts, teachers, community leaders, education policy experts and others across the country. We all share the same passion and aim - a tireless dedication to the goal of providing the finest public education possible for our youth-wherever they live and no matter their circumstances.

We express our deep gratitude to our current and previous donors for their generous support, past and present.

California Community Foundation

Katherine and Frank Baxter Foundation

Lisa and Maury Friedman Foundation

Joseph Drown Foundation

Walton Family Foundation

Wasserman Foundation

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Gates Foundation

California Education Policy Fund

Rogers Family Foundation

Broad Foundation

Biller Family Foundation

The Hastings/Quillin Fund

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

East Bay Community Foundation