Parent Power Network



The Need

Too often, the voices of families - particularly families from low-income communities - have been absent in conversations about the public education system. As a result, the needs of these communities have been systemically under-represented, contributing to the unacceptable achievement gap in Los Angeles and across the country. We believe that successfully transforming the public education system will require organized families, in partnership with allied organizations and community leaders, to stand up and take on a greater role in shaping education policies at the district and statewide level.

The Program

The Parent Power Network serves as a convener for parent leaders and allied community organizations to come together and work towards systemic change in the education system. The Parent Power Network hosts trainings, meetings, and workshops to help build capacity amongst families and others to successfully engage with policymakers. Through the Parent Power Network, parent leaders build their own skills and work collectively to design and win campaigns to influence policies at the district and statewide level.

Immediate Impact

Parents who join the Parent Power Network develop their leadership and advocacy skills and are able to influence specific policy decisions on key issues such as statewide accountability systems, school funding allocations, and school choice policies.

Systemic Change

The Parent Power Network can serve as a key part of a broad-based parent movement to dramatically improve the public education system throughout Los Angeles and California.