Parent Revolution Stands with Students, Law Enforcement and LAUSD to improve education and life outcomes for low-income students of color and their families.

Parent Revolution is thrilled to announce its support and endorsement of the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. By supporting this Act, we, at Parent Revolution, affirm our commitment to putting the interests of children first and doing whatever it takes to get every child in California a great public education.

LAUSD, as well as members of the law enforcement community, education community, and faith community have all come together to endorse the measure which would take a small but important step towards redirecting funds from our prisons to our schools. Prop 47 will punish low-level non-violent crimes as misdemeanors, rather than felonies, saving the state $1.25 billion over 5 years. A quarter of these savings will be redirected into public education.

In addition to redistributing more money into California schools, the passage of Proposition 47 will significantly reduce the criminalization of low-income students and parents of color, thereby interrupting the school to prison pipeline.  Additionally, when parents of color are labeled as felons and put under the control of the criminal justice system for decades due to non-violent, low level offenses, it deprives their children of their most important educational advocate – their parents. 

It is our core belief that every child deserves access to a high quality education. Funding our schools more effectively and ensuring that kids are in school and presented with daily opportunities to learn is a step towards making that reality a possibility.  

Ben Austin, Executive Director of Parent Revolution issued the following statement:

“When I take my daughter to school, I drop her off in a safe neighborhood, into a school that has the financial resources to provide a high quality education for her and her peers. Every parent has that right, but that’s not the reality that many parents deal with everyday. Proposition 47 invests in families and schools and allows law enforcement to keep communities safe by focusing on reducing violent crime.

Proposition 47 directly benefits low-income parents of color and positively impacts the schools that serve low-income students of color. We are enthusiastically supporting this significant step towards equity and educational justice.”