Mayor Michael Nutter (Philadelphia) -

“I believe education is the most important issue of our generation.  It has the power to provide a vehicle out of poverty as well as bring children a step closer to grasping a piece of the American Dream.  This year – as shown through our adopted resolutions – the leadership of the Conference has placed a high priority on ensuring every child is in a high quality seat in a top performing school.”

Mayor Kevin Johnson (Sacramento) -

“We are too great of a nation not to guarantee that every child, no matter their ZIP code, has an effective teacher in the classroom and quality school options available," Johnson said. "To ensure this, leaders on both sides of the aisle must work to put in place policies that stand up to the status quo, and put our children first."

Viola Davis, Actor – Won’t Back Down -

"I am a parent.  And as a parent, I have a child and I know that the only way she’s going to get a part of the American Dream is through education.  And so if that great education is a public school, I’m going to send my kid to the public school.  If that great education is a charter school, I’m going to send my kid to a charter school….  I think that it’s about wanting do what’s best for your kid.”

Mayor Cory Booker (Newark) -

“Every child born we recognize by our founding principles is born and created in the reflection of the divine. They have innate and endowed by their creator the ability to achieve incredible things. But yet, we’ve created a system that still chokes out the potential of millions of children, who are trapped in systems that deny this nation the benefit of their genius."

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles) -

"Mayors understand at a local level that most parents lack the tools they need to turn their schools around.  Parent trigger laws can empower parents to do just that.”

U.S. Representative George Miller, ranking Democrat on the House Education Committee -

"When school districts and communities have failed to improve their schools, it is unconscionable to ask parents and their children to wait. They have waited long enough. Parent trigger gives parents not just a voice, but a say in and involvement in the quality of their child's school. I believe they have the right to be heard."