School Transformation

The Need

Although there have been countless efforts to improve the lowest performing schools over the past decade, there are still hundreds of schools in Los Angeles and California that are failing to provide students with an adequate education. Many of these schools have been failing for decades, and are lacking any sort of concerted turnaround effort to dramatically improve performance.

The Program

Parent Revolution helps families to organize together and work for significant changes in some of the lowest performing schools in Los Angeles. Organizers work directly with parent leaders to help them engage other families and educators, decide what types of changes are needed to improve the school, and lead campaigns to win major changes for their students. In some cases, Parent Revolution helps families to use California's Parent Empowerment law, which gives families at failing schools significant new power to bring about changes.

Immediate Impact

Families that lead successful school transformation campaigns are able to make an immediate impact not just on their own children, but on every child that attends their school. By fighting to improve their own schools, parent leaders can bring about changes for their entire community.

Systemic Change

School transformation campaigns engage hundreds of families and provide strong leadership development opportunities for the parents that lead them. Parent Revolution continues working with these parent leaders to help them to organize with other families and community leaders to pursue systemic educational improvements at the district and statewide level.