At Parent Revolution, we believe:

  1. All children can learn.
  2. Our public education system can and must provide every child with access to an excellent education, but is failing to do so.  This is unacceptable.
  3. Organized parents can help create positive change by pressuring the system to put kids first.


To transform underperforming public schools by empowering parents to advocate for what is good for children, not adults, through grassroots community organizing.


Parents want change.  And their kids deserve a top quality education.  Here at Parent Revolution provide support for parents to help give their children the education they deserve.

We provide:

  • Leadership development and trainings to help parents navigate the school system.
  • Training in organizing techniques, and guidance in the formation and structure of a Parents Union Chapter.
  • Training in techniques that improve and expand parents’ ability to build relationships with other parents, community members, teachers, administrators, and the school board.

With these tools, parents obtain insight to create a vision for a better future for their kids.




Parent Revolution launched in January 2009 with a mission to change the focus of our public education system from one centered on powerful adult interests to one that puts kids first. 

The success of our education system depends on every stakeholder coming together for the sake of our children’s success.  But, far too often our current education system ignores the voice of a vital stakeholder – parents. 

We aim to change this by empowering parents to transform their own children’s underperforming schools and using community organizing to advance a real kids first agenda.  

First Steps

Parent Revolution has been instrumental in organizing parents around several kids first policies.  In August 2009, we took the first steps towards a kids first agenda by working closely with a team of reform-minded organizations to help pass Public School Choice (“PSC”) within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  Families and communities used PSC resources to access new tools and opportunities to improve their local public schools.

Victory in Sacramento

A few months later, in December 2009, parents marched on Sacramento to demand real power to fix their children's failing schools.  Parents voiced strong support for California’s Parent Empowerment Act, often called the "Parent Trigger" law, that allows parents at underperforming schools to demand real improvements if the parents organize the majority of parents at their children’s school.  Parents were tireless and passionate in their efforts.  They ultimately obtained a historic victory: the California Legislature passed of the country's first-ever Parent Trigger law in January 2010.

Successful School Transformations

Since that historic victory, Parent Revolution has worked side-by-side multiple parent groups across Southern California on successful, hard-fought campaigns based on grassroots organizing techniques.  Empowered parents successfully organized themselves and their communities around a kids first agenda. 

Because of the organizing efforts of these courageous parents, children at five different schools returned to the 2013 school year to find their underperforming schools transformed – with real plans in place to improve for the future.

And because each of these five schools and communities is different, the resulting transformative change is unique to each of school.  Parent used their collective power to make their voices heard and achieve much needed change.  Together, these five schools form a mosaic of parent empowerment and school transformation.